Neustädter Gelichter

Different from all the rest
How exhilarating! A Christmas fair doesn’t have to conform to a set pattern – though that doesn’t mean the Neustadt Illuminations are in any way out of character. On the contrary: over the past three years, Neustadt has come up with a great alternative. It is creative, eccentric and meticulously staged. Unusual gift ideas, nothing off the shelf, and a lot to laugh about. The Neustädter Gelichter are an impressive display of light. The stalls sell ‘Schwipsbogen’ (the Neustadt version of the Christmas arch), locally grown Christmas trees, handmade jewellery, quality printed matter, creatively designed products and delicious refreshments. Highly recommended!

Picture:Neustadt Geflüster – Anton Launer

Market location

Alaunstraße 36-40

01099 Dresden


Opening hours


from 16 o’clock / at the weekend: from 14 o’clock

Public Transport

Albertplatz:  3, 6, 7, 8, 11

Louisenstraße: 7, 8

Görlitzer Straße: 13


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Christmas in Dresden is worth at least one overnight stay. Book now and enjoy the Christmas benefits.

Events nearby

13.12.2018 | 20 o’clock

The Fuck Hornisschen Orchestra

The two Leipzig comedians Julius Fischer and Christian Meyer aka The Fuck Hornisschen Orchestra invite you to an evening full of harmony and Christmas spirit! And this year it will be more Christmassy than ever before, because besides the dozens of children’s toy instruments, there will be violins, violas, violins, cellos, harps and more!

Location: Scheune Dresden

20./21.12.2018 | 20 o’clock

Tenderness with friends

Ines Fleiwa and Cordula Zwischenfisch have put together a Christmas programme: they play hits. But that’s not enough for them, they also make jokes. That’s actually all that’s important. Pure Christmas comedy!

Location: Scheune Dresden

1.-24.12.2018 | Monday – Friday 18 o’clock | Satuday & Sunday 16 o’clock


That’s only possible in Dresden’s Neustadt. Every day, every window, always a new surprise. A concert, a reading, a performance – the Neustadt becomes a unique Advent calendar.

Location: Dresden Neustadt

8.-9.12.2018 | 13 o’clock

T-Shirt Festival

Here you will find unique pieces, prints and all kinds of arts and crafts by Neustadt artists. In any case, you should keep places under the Christmas tree free for this.

Location: Scheune Dresden

Further information can be found at