Medieval-themed fair in the palace stable yard

Christmas in pewter and leather

It’s a spectacular sight. Within the walls of the Dresden Residenzschloss, craftsmen offer their wares for sale, jugglers and minstrels will take you on a journey through time – and then there’s the culinary delights. In addition to the unusual but delicious delicacies, there is a public bathhouse where up to eight people can enjoy a hot tub, even in the bitter cold.

Image: Silvio Dittrich | DMG BY

Market location


01067 Dresden


Opening hours


daily from 11AM–9.30 PM

Public Transport

Altmarkt: 1, 2, 4

Postplatz: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 62, 94


Updates on parking here:

Free Parking in Dresden.

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Events in the palace stable yard

30.11.-02.12..2018 | multiple times a day

1st Advent

“The Sandsacks” will serve you with a mix of medieval music and Irish folk. Besides, there will be magic and fire shows for the sensation seekers. Alternatively, the Spielleute & Blechbläser from St. Petersburg will be hitting the stage.

Ort: Bühne Stallhof

07.12.-09.12.2018 | multiple times throughout the day

2nd Advent

The four musicians from “Die Streuner” belong to the most popular musical groups of their respected scene and are famous for their interpretations of old songs besides their own. Another highlight is the musical duet Thalamus from Berlin. Grace, artistic stimulation and fiery dance performances as well as fine music mark their branding of Two.

Ort: Bühne Stallhof

14.12.-16.12.2018 | multiple times a day

3th Advent

“Corvus Corax” will be accompanying your Christmas experience from Friday to Sunday as one of the most perennial formations of the scene! And then there’s also the duet “Forzarello” from Freiburg, who will grace your glistening eyes with artistic and fiery performances! Thomasius, the last unicorn’s knight, will be giving out candy to the Young around 4:30PM.

Ort: Bühne Stallhof

21.-23.12.2018 | multiple times throughout the day

4th Advent

The group “Bardolino” will be posing as the final act this weekend. The three musicians and their medieval repertoire fit right in at this time of year. A must: If you didn’t get the chance to take a bath so far, there’s the wooden bath tub for the last opportunity of doing just that!

Ort: Bühne Stallhof // Badezuber

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