Christmas market at the Frauenkirche

Good ideas made tangible
Around the Frauenkirche and on the Münzgasse are stalls selling pottery, glass ornaments and Vogtland lace – plus a gleaming, eight-metre-tall pyramid with steps. There are plenty of great photo opportunities here, with the great pyramid in the background or simply with a hand-carved wooden replica. Santa Claus visits this charming market every day from 4 pm onwards, when he distributes seasonal gifts to children.

Picture: Silvio Dittrich | DMG BY

Market location


01067 Dresden


Opening hours

Unfortunately, the market will not take place in 2021.

The dates for 2022 will be announced from the end of October 2022.

Public Transport

Altmarkt: 1, 2, 4

Pirnaischer Platz: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 12, 75

Synagoge: 3, 7


Current information on parking facilities can be found at

Frauenkirche / Neumarkt: frei 96

Schießgasse: frei

An der Frauenkirche: frei 72

Hier finden Sie Informationen zu Busparkplätzen.


Christmas in Dresden is worth at least one overnight stay. Book now and enjoy the Christmas benefits.

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