Advent at Freital Castle

A big treat on a small scale

Tranquil, charming and a real gem: Freitaler Schlossadvent takes place against the picturesque backdrop of the historic Castle Burgk. It is a traditional market with the full classic range of attractions – colourful lights, festively decorated trees and the warm glow of Christmas stalls.



Schloss Burgk
Altburgk 61
01705 Freital

Photo: Stadt Freital


Opening hours

Dec 02 to Dec 03 and Dec 09 to Dec 10, 2023

Public Transport

Tram 3 or Bus 71/72 towards Dresden-Coschütz/Gleisschleife , proceed with Stadtverkehr Freital (RVD) Line B towards Freital Raschelberg until the stop Am Dathepark


Tourism Information Freital

Rathaus Freital
Dresdner Straße 56
01705 Freital

Telephone: 0351 64760

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